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Types of Law Practiced

CRIMINAL DEFENSE Mike has successfully defended criminal defendants from bail to contempt hearings and from larceny to drug trafficking cases. While Mike's past success is no indicator of how to evaluate your outcome, Mike can offer you the help necessary to achieve the best result.

- Mike holds a Commewrcial Driver's license and is a former Board member for MassBike. He knows first hand the issues that face those who drive anything from 18 wheelers to 2 wheelers. Mike also has a proven track record in defending persons charged with OUI and other moving violations.

AVIATION LAW - This field is just not for pilots. While Mike has held a Commercial pilot's license for over 40 years, he is also knowledgable in the new drone rules and the air passenger Bill of Rights.

CONSUMER LAW - Protecting your rights and ensuring that you, as either a consumer or business person, Mike can represent you and your interests and seek the best possible outcome.

LANDLORD/TENANT LAW - Mike has represented both landlords and tenants in Housing Court. Working with all parties he has secured the best results for his clients.

MEDIATION - Parties trying to resolve their dispute can save considerable sums of money through mediation. There are no court fees, large attorney bills, and the cost of mediation can be split between the parties. In his broad and diverse background, Mike has mediated many issues and has a proven track record in dispute resolution. Moreover, Mike overs mediation servies for $50 per hour, with a four hour minimum charge.

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